The beauty of wood,

eco-friendly quality

The Ecological Panel® is the wood panel for the furniture industry made from 100% recycled wood. No trees were therefore cut down for its production.

Collection and Processing

The production model of the Ecological Panel® is based on the collection and reuse of disused wood, giving new life to a resource of the earth.

Production and Finishing

The Ecological Panel® is the only one to be made from 100% post-consumer wood and the first to be certified FSC Recycled 100% (raw) and FSC Mix 99% (ennobled, fireproof or waterproof).

Respect and Safeguarding

Recycle and Upcycle for sustainable design and conscious planning. The only way to curb climate change and respect our planet is to change our habits, including our purchasing habits.

The Ecological Panel® Consortium

The advantages of being part of a network practising circular economy in the furniture industry
If you are a manufacturer using wood panels, if you manage the disposal of timber, if you are a retailer of Ecological Panel® brand products or if you want to support a circular economy model for the furniture industry, join our network.

Triennale Milano chooses Pannello Ecologico® for the installation of Cuore

Cuore, Archives and Research Center is the space inaugurated on Tuesday 14 February, on the first floor of the Palazzo Dell’Arte.
Multifunctional centre, open to the public, a meeting place for researchers, visitors, students, public institutions and private individuals.
Here everything is content, substance, first of all the project. Architect Cippelletti of Studio Archit embraces sustainable choices and emphasizes the functionality and new role of space. Ecological Panel® was therefore chosen for the surfaces of the containing wall, not just any wood but regenerated wood that has a long story to tell. The result of an exemplary circular economy process, achieved without cutting down any trees.
All the member companies offer among their products the brand Ecological Panel® in the catalogue, for those who want a high quality furniture made with eco-sustainable material.
Contact our dealers and choose the best for your home and for the planet.


The child’s crystalline eyes grasp the magic of an apparently simple material behind which lies the amazing story of wood generated from already used objects such as old furniture, wardrobes, doors and drawers which get a new life thanks to the Ecological Panel.