The Ecological Panel

It is called Ecological Panel® and is a unique panel for the furniture industry made from 100% post-consumer wood. No trees were therefore cut down for its production.


The Ecological Panel® meets the needs of a consumer who is increasingly sensitive to environmental and social sustainability issues as well as design-conscious. Indeed, it is possible to choose to furnish with a product born from a virtuous process of circular economy without sacrificing quality and aesthetics.

The Ecological Panel® is an all-Italian product that synergistically combines cutting-edge technology and absolute respect for the environment.

In the new version, LEB Ecological Panel® is the world’s lowest-emission chipboard. A real revolution, destined to affect the entire world market for ecological furniture.

The ecological panel label is applied to several collections with more than 3000 different finishes and colours to suit countless furnishing styles.

Production process


OVER 1.5 million tonnes per year of post-consumer wood

A nationwide “home” collection service for the disposal of used wood. An ecological choice, which allows wood to be given a new lease of life, with a view to a circular economy.

Selection and cleaning

Sorting for a second recycling

Once all quality checks have been passed, the material undergoes a thorough selection and cleaning process, which separates the wood from any other foreign material. Plastics, metals and other impurities are in turn fed back into a dedicated disposal and recycling process.


The first company to adopt this production system

The wood is chopped up in several stages to obtain the right consistency for assembly

Raw panel production

100% Recycled wood

The 100% recycled wood takes shape in large slabs ready to be cut and customised as required.
The ecological panel is the first and only one to be FSC-certified 100% recycled wood (whether raw, ennobled, fireproof or waterproof)

Ennobling process

Decorations and finishes

Production is not reduced to the raw panel, but through the process of ennobling it opens up to the world of decors and finishes, with unparalleled possibilities for variations and combinations, a constantly studied and updated range capable of creating trends.

Furniture production

At the heart of Made in Italy

The Ecological Panel® is the new face of wood: the culmination of a process that transforms “waste” into a valuable raw material for the furniture industry.
The ecological panel is ideal for making: furniture, coverings, fireproof fittings, walls, furnishings in public places (schools, offices, hospitals, libraries, communities, etc.)


The endless cycle of wood

Recycling wood is a rational and important choice:

1) contributes to the preservation of the forest heritage
2) reduces landfill volumes
3) results in less environmental impact
4) reduces greenhouse gas emissions

2.8 mln trees saved each year

from felling  for industrial production