The Consortium

The Ecological Panel® Consortium is a reality created to respond to the growing need to respect the environment and to be a spokesperson for the importance of reusing resources, in particular the recovery of wood.

It was created to promote the principles and criteria for the production of new raw material from waste wood and assumes the role of guarantor and controller of the production and naming activities of the Ecological Panel® to ensure that there is correspondence with the Production and Processing Rules for Waste Wood.

The Consortium has its own seal of recognition and guarantee for the community of end users or consumers of the quality and origin of the product.

In 1975, when the first European legislation (75/442/EEC) set the goal of preventing and reducing the production and harmfulness of waste through the development of clean technologies that allowed a saving of natural resources, the development of techniques that reduced waste and pollution, the development of techniques to eliminate hazardous substances in waste destined for recovery, the recovery of waste through recycling and re-use or any other action to obtain secondary raw materials.

This was followed by Directive 91/156/EEC1 aimed at adopting measures to limit the production of waste through “clean” technologies, recyclable and reusable products, then by the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC of 20 December 1994, arriving at the provision that regulated the collection, recovery and recycling of wood packaging in Italy, the legislative decree, so-called “Ronchi”, no. 22 of 1997.

However, human ingenuity has been ahead of the times and regulations with the first drawings of wood recycling since the 1960s, a period in which the Ecological Panel® came to life and changed the life of wood, industry and handicrafts, as well as in the wood furnishing sector in general, contributing substantially to the saving of resources, the regeneration of material and therefore to the protection of the environment.

Why join?

  • To come up with a product that is beautiful yet sensitive to sustainable design
  • To draw from an important product catalogue
  • To rely on a company with whom you can dialogue in a consultative manner
  • To support Italian know how
  • To belong to a network that practices circular economy

Membership in the Consortium is free and open to all those who produce or use Ecological Panel®, as well as to those who supply the post-consumer wood necessary for its production, both those entities that have consistent objectives, “Friends and Supporters” of Ecological Panel®, all as per the Statute and Rules of the Consortium.


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