Kitchen with recycled wood panels

Buying an eco-friendly kitchen, i.e. one with recycled wood panels, means opting for a green choice that keeps an eye on environmental sustainability and the protection of our land.

We talk about sustainability more and more not only for companies, but also for people: all of us, in fact, can make our contribution, for example, by taking care not to waste water and light or by choosing photovoltaic panels.

We can also make a difference when choosing materials for the kitchen in our home.

Let’s see how and why.

 Recycled wood panels: what are they

Panels made of 100% recycled and recyclable wood with low environmental impact, of which the Saviola Group has been the world’s leading producer since 1993, make it possible to create a sustainable kitchen because they are the result of a circular economy process that, while guaranteeing absolute attention to sustainability, also ensures high quality and aesthetics.


The Ecological Panel® by Saviola: an example of recycled wood panel for kitchens

Saviola’s Ecological Panel®, for example, allows recycled wood panel kitchens to be designed according to the end customer’s taste. It is, in fact, a product that combines post-consumer wood (important to remember that no trees are therefore cut down for its production), high material and quality standards, technology, design and respect for the environment.

Thanks to the ennobling process starting from the raw panel, Ecological Panel® is available in over 3000 finishes and colours. This is why it is a suitable material for any living and designer space, primarily kitchens.


Kitchen with ecological panels: how and why to choose it

Recycled wood has several advantages, including:

  • Environmental protection
  • Originality, given by the grains and peculiarities typical of recycled wood
  • Flexibility in the sense that it can be used for different kitchen styles, from the most modern to the most traditional
  • Endurance over time


Depending on one’s aesthetic taste, the functionality required and the type of interior architecture, each end customer or each architect or designer (for their own customers) can create and choose the kitchen of their dreams.

There are those who prefer a modern, industrial-like kitchen, therefore with very dark colours and cold tones; there are those who opt for a country-chic kitchen, therefore with warmer and cosier tones; or those who stick to the classic version of the kitchen, therefore opting for light wood and soft textures.

Beyond personal preference, when you choose a kitchen with ecological panels you can be sure that you are buying a 100% recycled product, which therefore respects the environment and the land in which we live. A choice that, added to others, can really make a difference to our ecosystem.